Production fixer & Line Producer India, Germany

Wild Baba is a production company involved in documentary and TV & Digital films. We make inspiring and captivating programming that speaks to large audiences for TV channel and reputed brands both locally and internationally.

In documentary we provide services to international broadcasters and production houses such as BBC, National Geographic, Discovery World, Discovery Science, Nat Geo TV, TLC, History Channel, Pro7, RTL Television, SAT1 and more. We work with numerous international production houses, providing fixer services in India and Germany and supporting them as local producers, researchers, hiring crew and equipments, location permits, local casting and planning logistics for the most smooth and pleasant experience while filming in India.

Our adventurous spirit and curiosity makes being a Fixer Service Company one of our favourite tasks. We welcome crews from all over the world and explore every corner of India with them with the same enthusiasm. We would love to hear about your project and venture into it with you.

Client List

CNA ASIA News show Wanderlust: Travelling in the social media age.

Shot in Mumbai, India for producer Mediacorp Pte Ltd from Singapore.

Role: Production Service Company in Mumbai, India, Location Scout, Facilitator, Casting, Hiring local Crew, Location Permits in Mumbai India (2019)

POP UP CONSTRUCTION for Maximus Film GmbH, Germany.

Shot in Vishakaptnam, India.

Role: Production Fixer India, Project Researcher, Facilitator, Hiring local Crew, Location Permits filming Railways in India (2019)

CHUTNIFY Documentary for brand Coca Cola in India.

Coca Cola documentary for with Aparna Aurora at her restaurant CHUTNIFY in Berlin, Germany for Lure Media GmbH

Role: Service Production India, Production Fixer Mumbai, Cochin, Facilitator (2018)

Around the World with 80 year in Mumbai, India.

Shot in Mumbai, India for producer Talpa Germany GmbH

Role: Production Services in Mumbai, India, Location Scout, Facilitator, Casting, Hiring local Crew, Location Permits in Mumbai India (2018)

NFL (National Football League) film Deshaun Watson in Germany.

Shot in Munich and Berlin, Germany for NFL.

Role: Production Service Company in Germany, Location Scout, Fixer, Facilitator, Casting, Hiring Local Crew, Location Permits for Munich and Berlin, Germany.(2018)

Taff Magazine digital film "Ronja goes Goa: for RedSeven Entertainment GmbH.

Shot in Goa, India

Role: Service Producer, Production Support in India, Fixer, Location Permits, Hiring local crew in India (2018)

BMW ART JOURNEY digital Film in Chennai, India. Filming for producer Rekorder GmbH, Berlin with director Paul Bachmann.

Shot in Mumbai, India

Role: Service Producer India, Production Support in Chennai, India, Location Scout, Researcher, Fixer, Facilitator and Hiring local Crew (2018)

Google. Org Filming on Storyweaver shoot in Bangalore & Kolkata, India.

Shot in Bangalore and Kolkata, India for producer Lonelyleap Ltd from Brooklyn, New York. 

Role: Production Support in Bangalore and Kolkata, India as Fixer, Facilitator, Production Manager, Researcher, Translator, Location Scout and booking permits, logistic planning and Hiring local Crew in India.(2017) 

METRO Cash & Carry Print Shoot in India.

Shot in Bangalore, India for producer STRICHPUNKT DESIGN, Stuttgart 

Role: Production Support in Bangalore, India, Location Scout, Facilitator, Casting, Hiring local Crew, Location Permits in Bangalore, India (2017)

Documentary for Gates Foundation on Subarna Ghosh in Mumbai, India.

Shot for producer Reframe LLC, Brooklyn, Newark.

Role: Production Support in Mumbai, Location Scout, Facilitator, Location Permits in Mumbai, India (2017)

Facebook Corporate Video, India

Shot in Mumbai and Delhi, India for producer MLC Productions LLP, Singapore. 

Role: Production Fixer in Mumbai and Delhi, Line Production Services in India, Location Permits in India (2017)

Roses of Asia "Better Late Then Never"

Shot in Mumbai and Varanasi, India for producer Bloom Medya, Istanbul and director Mustafa Kotan starring Diva Bulent Ersoy adventurous journey to India. 

Role: Line Producer in India, Line Production Services in India, Production Fixer Mumbai and Varanasi, Location Scouting, Logistic Planning, TV & Film Facilitator (2017)

Pocari Sweat, Music Video for Dokuwa Communications

Music Video Production Services in India with Producer Ken Hagen Takenaka and Director Atsushi Ogi from Japan.

Role: Production Fixer Mumbai, Researcher, Location Scout, Guerrilla Shoot, Production Facilitator (2017)

Spectacular Construction

Project on Discovery Science, shot in Kolkata for Maximus Film GmbH, Germany for N24 channel. Cities: Kolkata, India.

Role: Production Fixer India, Research, Permit, Facilitator (2016)


Project for Josh Freed Productions shot in megacity Mumbai, India directed by Josh Freed, Canada.

Role: Production Fixer in India, Translator and Facilitator in Mumbai, India (2016)

FC Bayern Global Family online film for DHL

Digital film for DHL, FC Bayern Global Family shot in Mumbai for E+P Films GmbH, Germany.

Role: Production Fixer in India, Location Permits, Translator and Facilitator in Mumbai, India (2016)

For The Love Of Fashion

Shot in India with director Mirella Pappalardo for Story House Productions GmbH, Germany. 

Role: Production Fixer in India, Visas and logistic planning, crew and equipment hiring.

Klein gegen GroB

ARD, prime time show with a very famous host Kai Pflaume shot in Bangalore, India

Role: Stringer in India, Production Fixer in Bangalore, Equipment and Crew Hiring in Bangalore, Facilitator (2015)

Beate und Irene Unterwegs Indien

Project RTL Channel prime time show for Eyeworks TV from Germany.

Role: Researcher, Production Fixer in India, Facilitator, Logistic, Location Scout, Permits (2015)

SAT1 Frühstücksfernsehen

Project "Jana goes Bollywood" documentary for MazandMore TV Production GmbH, Germany.

Role: Production Fixer India, Location Producer (2015)

Essensbote Unterwegs Indien

Shooting with Reporter Matthias Zelling war einen Tag als Essensbote unterwegs in India Mega-Metropole Mumbai" for MazandMore TV Produktion GmbH from Germany. 

Role: Researcher, Production Fixer India, Permits (2015)

Maggi Diaries

Shooting Multi city in India for Filmmaster MEA , Dubai.Location Cities: Delhi, Agra, Kochi and Munnar in India. 

Role: Production Fixer India, Translator, Research, Permits, Crew Hiring in India and Logistics (2015)

Galileo Am Sonntag

Biggest Kite festival in World shot for Winter Films with director Nikolas Winter

 Role: Researcher, Production Fixer India, Facilitator, Permits, Location scout (2015)

The Little Couple

Project for TLC channel shot in Mumbai for LMNO Productions, America. 

Role: Mumbai Production Fixer, Permit, Location Scout, Logistics (2014)

Emmi Chai Latte

Digital Spot for "Emmi Chai Latte" with Jolina Fust, Contest Winner of Germany’s Next Top Model show in 2013 shot with Mr. Bob Films GmbH, Germany in India. 

Role: Line Producer in Bombay, Production Service Company in India for TV Commercial (2013)

Galileo Am Sonntag

Multi-city shooting in India for ProSieben channel show Galileo.TV for Story House GmbH, Germany. Researcher, Production Fixer India, Facilitator, Permits, Location scout (2013)

Role: Biggest Family in World (Shot in Mizoram, India), Biggest School in World (Shot in Lucknow, U.P, India) and Biggest Wholesale Market in World (Shot in Chennai, India)

An Allard British Columbian Film

AV films for University of British Colombia, shot in Ralegan Siddhi, Pune, India with Sir Anna Hazare for Lisa Green Productions, Canada. 

Role: Production Fixer and Translator India (2013)

Build it Bigger

A Discovery Science channel show "Build It Bigger" shot with Danny Forster at New T2 International Airport in Mumbai, India. 

Role: Production Fixer Mumbai, Facilitator and Translator (2012)


Photo shoot in Mumbai & Varanasi for Brant Slomovic from Canada 

Role: Production Fixer and Facilitator in India.

Price of Beauty on VH1, U.S

Jessica Simpson, traveling around the globe in search of what beauty means. Shooting in Mumbai for Powder house Productions. 

Role: Production Fixer Mumbai, Location Producer, Logistic and Permit's (2009)