Ad Films & Digital Video Production Company Mumbai, India

Wild Baba Productions is a leading digital film production company having its noticeable presence in Mumbai, Goa, India and in Germany. As an established TV commercial and advertisement film production house in Mumbai, it has developed proficient understanding of Indian audiences’ tastes & preferences. With its creative approach and modern technology, it has been developing TV Ad Films, Promotional Videos, audio-visuals, corporate films and event videos of long and short duration for both national and international clients.

Award-Winning Video Production House

Being an award-winning video production house in Mumbai, the company’s unanimous aim is to create such videos, which are inspiring, informative and engaging. Housing team of talented and knowledgeable directors, the company has been delivering audience-specific and commercially optimized film production solutions since its inception.

How We Do It?
Conceptualize, Analyse and Execution are three steps followed while offering our digital films production services. Our customers disclose their requirements, time limit and budget. Aftermaking extensive research, we come up with our concepts. Once everything gets finalized, production process takes a kick-start. 

Why Wild Baba Productions?
We take pride ourselves in claiming as a leading digital and commercial ad film maker in Mumbai and often ask our clients, what they like most about us. This is what they liked aboutour company: 

Professional Team :
All production work is carried out by professional team, who remains at their toes till the time work is not completed. 

Pools of Ideas : 
Unlike other companies, our team is always ready with hordes of stunning ideas. Thus, if one idea does not click, the team takes no time in representing next idea. 

Affordable solutions :
With our cost-effective solutions, our clients never ask for moreas they know they will not get better deal than this. 

Transparency :
Whether it comes to timelines, deliverable or budget, our team always follow transparent communication over phone as well as email. 

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