Baba Sandhu

Baba Sandhu is one name ruling the TV commercial industry for a long time. His expert knowledge on production in combination with cinematic approach makes him exceptionally talented director. His successful career as a producer spans across producing fashion and beauty related films, product based films, tele-commercials, digital films, and documentaries. Being a renowned Mumbai producer with Wild Baba Productions, Baba has directed Digital Films, Web Films, TV Commercials for Indian and German-based audiences.

Baba Sandhu's success story is directly proportional to his hard work and unwavering commitment to keep learning new cinematic skills. In his working span as a known producer in Germany and India, he has worked with notable national and International directors, which helped enormously in honing his production skills.

Based in Mumbai, India, he discovered his passion for production at an early age and started working towards it tirelessly by gaining professional knowledge. He began his journey as a TV commercial producer in Mumbai, India with beauty and lifestyle brands. However, he has not taken much time in bagging TV commercials of reputed brand. All credit goes to his unmatchable production skills, creative instinct, and association with who's who of Entertainment industry.